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Planetory Mixer

Machine Description:

Planetory Mixer is a modern heavy duty mixer designed specially for uniform Mixing by planetary movement of beater(agitator). Detachable cylindrical bowl with flat / hemispherical bottom of suitable dimension and Batter / Dough Hook / Wire Whip Cage Type blade is constructed out of SS-316 / SS-304 / MS Material. Detachable agitator is bolted / fitted manually by simple twisting action.


The Blade is driven by Single / Two / Variable Speed electric motor with suitable gearbox. Planetary disc is rotated clockwise and blade in an anti-clockwise direction on its own axis with suitable rpm. If variable speed is required, AC frequency unit will also be provided.


The whole drive assembly is rested on MS column with heavy base frame and mixing bowl is fixed with MS fabricated bracket. The bowl with bracket is raised/down manually by handle in respect of small machines and motorized or hydraulic system is provided for lifting / lowering drive head with agitator in respect of heavy duty machines.

Special Features:

• Bowl will be jacketed for heating or cooling.
• Mixer can be designed to operate under vacuum to avoid air entrapment in product during mixing.
• The bowl will be provided with caster wheels for easy movements for cleaning, washing and handling mixed materials.
• Single blade / double blades and a Teflon edged scraper will be provided for scrapping the material from the sidewall.
• GMP / NON-GMP / FLP construction


Generally used in mixing of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, solid-solid blending like wet mass, ointments, creams, toothpastes, lotions, cosmetics, pesticides & insecticide formulations, adhesives, colors and pigments, food & confectionaries, ceramics, rubber compounds, resins etc.

High / Low Speed Stirrer

Portable industrial fluid mixers bearing name ranges from 0.25 kw to 5.5 kw and incorporates bonus and cost saving feature of flexibility.


These models are compact direct drive mixers used for mixing of aqueous solutions in chemical industry: Chemicals for water softening plants, soft drinks and mineral water industry; milk in dairies and creameries, perfumes, chromium and nickle plating solutions, glazes for tile manufacture, tanning chemicals, dye-stuffs liquids, essences and essential oils, thin lacquers and varnishes, brine mixing, etc.


These models are used for viscous and semi-viscous solutions in the industry and applications like gelatine and adhesives; detergent solutions; oil blending and mixing for soap works; paint mixing and blending sugar solutions in beet sugar industry; rubber latex and Chemicals; heavy pottery slips and glazes; mixing of sizes and starches; maintaining fliter and suspension; preparations of sauces, ketchups, cosmetics, baby foods, pharmaceuticals, etc. Belt driven PDS models are most suited for R & D or multi purpose mixing requirements.


These models are used for pre-dispersion of paints, printing inks, filter pressed cake of dyestuffs, varnishes, adhesives, textile printing pastes, Ti02 dispersion in ethylene glycol, paper coatings, cosmetic creams, pastes, food products like ketchups, oral suspension, wax emulsion, syrup preparations, rubber adhesives preparations, pesticides and insecticides, soap and detergents, etc.


Standardisation of models with interchangeable components enable units to be stocked in knock down condition-result: off-the-shelf or very short delivery times .... and the biggest benefit of standardised components COMPETITIYE PRICES!

Sigma Mixer

Sigma Mixers (Kneader) is modern heavy duty mixer specially designed to produce uniform mixing and kneading heavier viscosity materials. It is suitable for many applications such as different kinds of doughs, stiff pastes, adhesives, polyester compounds, flush colours, brake lining compounds, resigns, soap, PVC coatings, rubber compounds, food dough, etc.


Loading of material is done through top of mixer on opening the lid or through the feeding mouth / hopper. On starting the machine, the tangential action of mixing and kneading is thoroughly obtained by ‘Z’ shaped kneading blades, which rotates very accurately at different speed towards each other causing product to be transferred from blade to blade. Discharge of the mixed product is achieved by tilting the container or through the valves at the bottom or by means of an extrusion screw below the container if provided.

Salient Features
• Sigma Mixer (Kneader) is a Batch Mixer
• Mixing Trough and Blades are fabricated from mild steel / various grades of stainless steel.
• Product contacting parts are ground, buffed or smooth and clean working.
• Blades are designed to obtain thorough mixing of high viscosity materials.
• Blades are machined on a leading edge to keep minimum equal gap between through walls and blades.
• Heavy-duty gears are fitted to the blades.
• Shaft sealing into the stuffing boxes is provided by Teflon Chevron Rings / PTFE breaded gland rope to prevent leaking from blade ends.
• Guards / Grills and interlocking are provided for maximum safety.


• GMP / Non GMP / models.
• Discharge by tilting container / bottom sliding valves / bottom gates / flush bottom gate valves.
• Tilting by hand liver / hand wheel with lead screw / electrical arrangements / hydraulic systems.
• Lifting of lead either manually, with help of counter weights or hydraulically.
• 'Z' Type Spiral blade / Naben / double naben blades to circulate hot / cold water in cases of heavy masses.
• Jacketed shell for heating or cooling by steam, oil, water etc. with fiber glass insulation over the jacket.
• Working facility with vacuum or pressure.
• Spray system for liquid addition / gas purge.
• Flame proof / Non-flame proof electrical controls.
• Wireless remote control operation for toxic materials.
• Electric (FLP/Non FLP) / Hydraulic drives.

Ribbon Blender

Mixers have long been noted for their efficiency in mixing dry powders and granular materials, adding small quantities of liquids to a dry batch, and for flowing paste. Recent modification in design, and the addition of auxiliary equipment have, however, greatly increased their field of usefulness.

Ribbon Blender is suited for solids blending where the material is less than free flowing. They are available in the customary U-Shaped trough with a variety of agitator arrangements. We offer sanitary design as well as heavy-duty versions utilizing heavier walls and oversized shafts and bearings for especially dense materials.

Fast and Effective Blending : The Ribbons (Inner and outer) are so arranged that when rotated it reaches each and every corner of the trough and imparts radial and linear motion to the whole of the materials to be mixed. At the same time material is moved from side of the trough to the centre and from the centre of the trough to the sides, resulting in quick and fast homogenising of the product. Blending is achieved in semi fluidised state in the upper zone of the trough when used for fine Powders. Double Ribbon configuration also brings material towards central bottom outlet when discharging.


1. Blades are designed to suit specified product characteristics.
2. Triple mixing action for fast and efficient blending.
3. Gland packing is provided with Teflon bush and PTFE Braded gland. The Gland can be replaced without dismantling drive assembly.
4. Guards/Grills and limit switches are provided for maximum operator safety.
5. Blenders are ground and buffed for smooth and clean working.


1. Equipments will be fabricated from M.S./S.S.304/SS.316 (GMP/NONGMP).
2. Discharge either by tilting arrangement or through valves and automatic arrangement.
3. Custom built chopper blades.
4. Wireless remote control operation for toxic product.
5. Detachable shaft.
6. Powder loading device with dust free system and transfer.
7. Unit with heating/cooling jacket.
8. Unit suitable for vacuum application.
9. Spray system for liquid addition.
10. Flame Proof electrical equipment.